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Digital Marketing Services in Indore for Non-Governmental Organizations

Digital Marketing Services in Indore for Non-Governmental Organizations

Our goal in providing tailored, distinctive, and strategic digital marketing and website development services for NGOs and social impact organisations is to assist in resolving the critical issues facing our generation and, ideally, to serve as a catalyst for widespread systemic change.

By optimizing your non-profit’s website for Google, Bing, and other search engines, you can be where your contributors and members are looking.

We realised that digital marketing strategy is an entirely different story/a different kettle of fish for our industry. Here, instead of promoting a good or service, what we’re doing is trying to get people to think about a certain narrative or idea. To get outstanding results, we use a variety of tested tactics.

Modifyed has worked with various non-profits over the years to help them increase their impact and connect with more stakeholders. Modifyed has a skilled in-house team that consists of brand strategists, digital marketers, web developers, and web designers. We are tremendously passionate about using our digital knowledge to affect social change, whether it is for an NGO working in the fields of education, healthcare, skill-development, or poverty.

How do we help NGOs to grow?

  • Bring in more donors to increase the impact.
  • Help prospective donors locate you
  • quickly drive donations
  • Make a website that tells your story
  • Increase awareness through social media

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