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Top 20 Digital Marketing Tips for Astrologers

All the budding astrologers want to make it big someday. But it’s not enough to just study and have a thorough knowledge of. Do you want more clients coming to your door asking for predictions? Do you want to be known as an amazing astrologer? Then make efforts and market yourself, It’s easy to make excuses or procrastinate but to be successful, you have to take action. Here are 40 ways to market your astrology business in order to be successful:

Marketing Strategies for the Virtual World

  1. The first step is to build an astrology website. You can start with a simple professionally designed website or even with a free WordPress blog will do.
  2. Make a Facebook page to share great astrology articles, insights, tips, remedies and to build a community of prospective clients and interested people.
  3. Start an astrology blog and post your insights and knowledge. You can also post free generalized predictions every month on your blog.
  4. Set up a Google-F page to share your astrology updates and blog posts.Google+ is an effective social media tool for visibility. S. Create an e-newsletter with generalized predictions for the week or month for each zodiac sign.
  5. You can dress of your blog to subscribe to the newsletter.
  6. Affiliate program on your website so that your existing& clients and others can receive a commission for referring clients to you.
  7. Network with people in allied sciences like numerology, palmistry, tarot reading etc. and you can request them for referrals. You can return the favour by doing the same for them.
  8. Write an eBook on astrology which you can offer for free on your blog or site.
  9. Offer your services on discount on a group buy website like Group on or sell your services through fiver. You may get a few clients through these sites.
  10. Offer a free reading to a popular blogger in lieu of a review on their blog if they like it. You can also offer a free reading as a giveaway on some popular blog. ‘The giveaways can be announced on your own blog too.
  11. Request your regular clients for testimonials and share them on your blog and website.
  12. Make a YouTube channel where you can share videos of some astrology tips, your clients’ testimonials and general predictions etc. Almost all the renowned astrologers run their own successful channels with a massive audience.
  13. Announce special astrology readings for special occasions of the year like a Love Reading for Valentine’s Day or a New Year special for the start of the year. ‘The same can be done during the major transits of the year.
  14. Have clarity on your astrology readings/services page, e.g. ‘Buy Now” or “Book a report”.
  15. The payment methods should be easy and convenient. to Offer a bonus reading with your astrology report by offering a brief numerology sketch or gems report.
  16. Write a guest post for another similar blog and endued your website link in the profile. IT.
  17. Offer a free webinar or announce a skype session on your blog/facebook page and share your knowledge and your services.
  18. it Offers astrology reading gift vouchers on your website.
  19. Set up google adsense and paid to advertise on your website and blog for added revenue. This added revenue can help in paying up the costs of running your website.
  20. Top 20 Digital Marketing Tips for Astrologers  Top 20 Digital Marketing Tips for Astrologers  Make sure to leave insightful comments on other people’s astrology blogs to increase your presence.

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