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Digital Marketing For Doctors in India: A Step By Step Guide

Digital Marketing For Doctors in India: A Step By Step Guide

Do we really need to conduct digital marketing for healthcare professionals and doctors?

Patients are one of the biggest issues facing doctors and doctors in today’s healthcare market.

Today, clinics, hospitals, and doctors are spending a lot of money creating lavish infrastructure and the latest equipment to provide the best solutions to patients , but they aren’t able to answer all the questions.
For a long time, the main method to attract patients or visitors was via word-of mouth marketing for many doctors. However, you are aware that the possible outcome isn’t enough to offset your clinical costs.

The good news for Industry is that many healthcare organizations and doctors are now making use of cutting-edge digital marketing technology not just to increase awareness, but to also build confidence within the marketplace and eventually taking the lead in revenue generation.

Additionally, many businesses are talking about digital Marketing for doctors from India however, very rarely do the digital marketing agencies specialize in the field of medical.

However, in the same way, the study found that just 4.3 percent of doctors employ methods of digital marketing to advertise themselves, while the other rely on traditional methods or other external medical marketing companies for physicians in India.

This is a sign that there’s an enormous market which has not been tapped.

There are many great doctors available that the patients do not have any knowledge about.

In order to be seen as a physician you must be present on the events where your ideal clients are congregating to enhance your brand, increase awareness and earn revenue.

Here are 10 digital marketing for doctors in India strategies and tricks that doctors can employ to boost the amount of money you earn.

1. Website-

Every doctor and medical professional should have a website by 2020.

Nowadays, the website is thought to be a virtual visiting card. It is the main aspect of branding personal for doctors and medical professionals.

Patients should be able search for any information they would like to know about you on the internet.

It’s a good thing that with the advent of web-based CMS platforms such as WordPress users can build a website using no programming in less than a week time.

Create the site yourself, you can create your own WordPress website, you can publish blogs, store information about patients, offer an option to live chat and more.

Here’s my no-cost WordPress Web Development course through which you are able to go through and design an amazing online presence for yourself.

2. E-mail marketing-

It is crucial for us to give value to our clients and ensure that they are updated regarding various health-related topics via the email newsletter.

Marketing via email is the most effective tool in keeping patients informed on all health-related information as well as keep track of the patient’s health reports.

Emails remain the best instrument for building trust, and should be included on every doctor’s Internet marketing plan.

As a doctor You can also create personalized emails for patients in need of extra attention.

3. Utilize to share your social network-

The social media platform is by far the most efficient and most affordable way to create an image.

It’s the most efficient way to build a personal brand for doctors.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are brimming with of users who spend time on them and doctors are able to easily connect and be recommended to other patients via social media.

You could also share news from the clinic with your patients via social media.

In a study, an infographics archive revealed that about 60% of users on social media tend to trust the posts of doctors over others’ posts.

4. Video-

If you’re in search of digital marketing options for doctors in India it is not a bad idea to look at YouTube. Because YouTube is by far the largest watched channel in India. People nowadays prefer audiovisual content to written text.

Doctors must create educational and entertaining videos for patients to watch on platforms like YouTube.

It can help you build a image and establish a worth in the marketplace.

5. Patient feedback-

Testimonials play a crucial role in building trust among patients.

Doctors and doctors must gather the feedback of their clients and post the feedback on their websites and on social media platforms.

If the patients aren’t camera shy, you could record video testimonials from your patients and post them on YouTube as well as Facebook.

It can assist prospective customers to make the right decision.

6. Paid ads –

Doctors need to run paid advertising campaigns to promote the services they provide on sites such as Google and Facebook which will allow their reach a larger population

The greatest benefit of Google as well as Facebook ads is they lets you stay out of the general population and focus on only the most relevant people.

Be sure to read the complete conditions and terms of the platform you use for your advertising services.

7. Blogging-

It is a crucial activity that doctors are able to perform.

Doctors should create blogs frequently so that they can produce articles that patients can share and read.

It can be extremely helpful when it comes to branding development. Blogging can be extremely beneficial in terms of brand positioning for physicians and doctors.

Doctors may also be able to share a bit of their own experiences with patients as well as patient stories to aid others with their mental health when they are suffering from a health issue.

8. Local SEO-

A majority of patients choose to see doctors close to them.

Therefore, it is essential for doctors to use local SEO to promote their services. Therefore, ensure that you have your own Google my business page that has every detail you require including address and contact number.

If people learn about your company when they hear about you, they’ll naturally call you.

9. Directory listings-

Doctors should also be included in directory listings, such as simply dialling, sulekha, etc.

They should also look at medical directories, such as Practo and health grades tec.

It will be a huge help in terms of online visibility.

10. Event marketing-

Doctors are often at a number of events and welfare camps which aren’t known to the public. So, as a doctor it is your duty to inform people about it.

It is possible to use Face as well as Instagram Live. Make a variety of posts on the social media platforms and also on your Google My Business platform.

To let people be sure that you’re up to date with the latest trends.


In this day and age, the digital marketing for doctors is an absolute requirement.

Doctors are actually busy, especially in a place such as India in which doctors are so in short supply.

So they can outsource marketing to a reliable digital marketing company which is skilled in developing and executing marketing plans for doctors.

Doctors are the ones who are actually doing God’s work, which is why it is essential for them to carry on the excellent work they do.


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