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Mr. Ranjan Rathi

From selling fritters (namkeen) to building brands, the rise of marketing. Selling has always been his good suit, did that without a suit, till he could afford and sell in one. Mr. Ranjan Rathi, began his career from selling fritters on the streets of Indore. His ways were different from back in the day itself. His marketing strategy began developing from the point he told everyone that in India, you don’t have to pay for tasting.

Coming up with some of the most unique strategies there was only one thing he could think of as an advertiser. It was to grow. After understanding he most rows form of markets and being in the public, into various sectors like education and healthcare he developed his skills.


RDX Journey

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” rightly quoted by Peter Drucker. Once he knew his heart craved for selling, his skillset was developed by struggle which meant it was strong at the core. Being in the most raw side of people in his initial days, helped him understand his customers very well.

In 2013, Mr Ranjan Rathi commenced Reliable Digital Expert. His belief in himself and his work took him forward in to a direction of absolute fulfilment. He began as a one man army with slowly becoming two and then 10 by one year. In 2014-2014, the real estate sector witnessed a downfall which affected the brand which was still in its infant stage. Vulnerable to the loss, you always learn something. 2016 thus became the year for his deep learning, specifically in the sector of advertisement.

The best approach to communicate with customers is through advertising. Advertising aids in educating consumers about the brands on the market and the range of helpful items. Advertising is for all people, young and elderly alike. It is carried out using a variety of media kinds and the most appropriate approaches and methodologies. Mr. Rathi realised this very well with the possibility to change.

Later in the days, Mrs. Neha Rathi joined the team with her expert SEO skillset that could find keywords like a diamond is only recognised by only a jeweller. With the level of intellect sharing both life and skillset together Mr and Mrs Rathi entered the medical sector and got clients as the work showed upliftment.

In 2020-2021, the doctors witnessed rush with Covid and thee pandemic. They have directly supported the doctors with marketing and the common public with all the right information dissemination.

When they began RDX in 2013, digital presence was not a big game. Newspaper and radio were the bigshots of the market. After demonetization, the public realized the need of the hour has become the digital market.

Thus, came the day of the dawn: the digitalization. The lockdown imposed in the need, made3 people realise that digital market is a place which never has an off day or goes for under lockdown. Commercialisation hit the market and they realized that what the company needs is leads. When the other advertisers promised engagement in three months, we promised leads in the first month itself. This was just not a shallow promise; it was the promise that came with results. The response was amazing.

In the past, printed marketing materials were the only way to reach consumers with messaging. However, in recent years, sending messages to customers via email, SMS, blogs, television, and company websites has become fashionable. It’s crucial, though, that the messages you convey via one channel correspond with the one through another. For instance, you ought to utilise the exact same logo on your website and in your emails. Similar to blogs and websites, your television ads should share the same message.

A stronger brand-consumer relationship should arise from the data-driven integrated marketing communications approach, which identifies consumer insights and builds a strategy with the proper combination of offline and online channels. Due to numerous changes in the media and advertising industries, it has multiplied during the past few years. This is the reason why it has evolved into the developers’ main tactic. Some examples of transitions include moving from media advertising to various means of communication, from advertising with a general focus to marketing with data, and so on.

The technical expertise bought to RDX by Neha SEO gave both brands a perfectly balanced partnership. As RDX developed websites, Neha SEO made sure that the client remains at our first priority across all mediums, this makes the the advertising strategy successful. The company can benefit greatly from the integrated marketing process once it has been established. There are businesses now that are focused on developing the marketing communications process for you. So, you have a choice between doing it yourself and using their services. But nowadays, it’s all about successful marketing communication!

Ranjan Rathi

Founder & Director