Contextual advertising is advertising on a website that is targeted to be suitable to the page’s content. Computerized or the programmed systems display advertisements related to the content that the clients of your website visit. The most common and well-known example of contextual advertising is Google Ad Sense. In the process Google robots shows advertisements significant to your user’s taste. These ads are chosen from the catalog of advertisers, who had previously registered on Google through Ad Words.

The first program in this Contextual Advertising technique was Google Ad Sense. These kinds of systems have search results that are chosen and served up based on programmed calculations. In Google Ad Sense, the user is provided with java scripts which when inserted in the web pages spot out appropriate ads and show them on the web pages. The significance was estimated by the Google bot.

In this type of advertising there are three main components:

  • Creativeness – This feature refers to the appearance of the advertisement
  • Media Planning – This feature indicates to the location where ads will run
  • Media Buying – This feature explores the thought of how buyers are going to pay for the advertisements.

RDX provides the finest returns for Advertisers, Marketers and Ad Agencies through the delivery of quality services, reasonable prices and distinctive customization that will realize the needs of today & tomorrow.

Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs with valuable data and content with the finest customer service in achieving their advertising requirements. When you fill in the campaign suggestion form, our sales agents will offer you practical campaign-planning suggestion and discover ad solutions that meet both your budget and your advertising wants.

RDX as a Contextual Targeting Company:

Real-time Lead Reporting

RDX is a contextual advertising agency that reports sales leads in the actual time. Using our convenient dashboard, you can appraise sales leads quickly and act on them while they are still active.

Design, Development & Copywriting experience

Present a Web design and a full range of Internet marketing services; we have a capable, domestic staff of resourceful designers, developers and copywriters. Our team’s creativeness and knowledge of the finest practices results in ads that confine interest and encourage action.

Industrial know-how

Contextual advertising services are carried out using our valued procedures, coordinated by an enthusiastic account manager who keeps an eye on all campaign activities and serves as a crucial point for all campaign-related communication.

On the other hand, we suggest making a contextual campaign a key element of your display advertising strategy. Contextual ads take full advantage of timing and relevance – possibly the two most vital conversion factors. The process for creating and implementing your campaign consists of a number of phases:

  • Keyword research and study
  • Making Strategy
  • Identification of high-opportunity websites
  • Advertisement creation
  • Lead tracking, study and constant improvement

Finally, as a big agency serving small and medium size businesses, we have the proficiency and strength to administer contextual campaigns at an exceptionally high level of success.