Classified website is a set of ads published by customers or suppliers to promote their products or services in the global market. Posted Advertisements are structured based on suitable category and sub category so that investors can get information quickly without any difficulty.

Classified Ads or the classified advertising is a technique of marketing, which is commonly published in the newspapers, magazines and other publications. With the increase in the size of the online world, the advertisements found its way in to the internet through a number of advertisement website. Using classified portals you can target your client in a more designed way, besides the service is available in a good, lucrative manner. The Classified result websites allows customers to surf the internet and search for advertisements. The listings are detailed with features, images, explanations, scores, opinions and contact details.

RDX Advertising portal focuses on Web Development Services, an inclusive platform, corresponding to a variety of business classified requirements. Our classified websites have become the ideal solution for large and small scale companies to get more information from the clients, find about their products, services or other solutions.

What does Classifieds do for all of these e-Businesses and what it can do for your business? Promotion provides your online community with efficient means to attract more visitors to your website. It allows users to your automated content creation and provides access to significant additional revenue streams through its e-commerce and instantaneous credit card processing capabilities, plus an integrated support for your advertising campaigns or third-party tools such as Google ad Sense. Now you can make and brand your own classifieds website with us.

Features of Classified Portal Development

  • Refined Catalogue Management Software and Listing facilities
  • Exceptional promotion on home page
  • We give classified portal options that are easily customizable.
  • A variety of categories of online promotion based on free and paid memberships
  • Classifieds Portal – Control and organize the ads added to the website. As well, it offers category, subcategory, website settings and common settings for the website.
  • Admin Panel with User management – Can administer the number of users. Activate or Deactivate, Edit or Delete the information.
  • Content management system including images and banner ads
  • Integrated Payment gateway
  • The users can submit their advertisements to their favorite & desired list.

Classifieds is the most influential classified ads software system in the world.

Online classified website was designed to make the search simple and confidential. Unlike search results, a standard list of websites associated to any of the search word or phrase appears on these sites to offer more refined and significant results. People can do a speedy search by city or even the type of service. Not only can the people take part in the discussion forums about related to a couple of issues and even buy and sell items.

Our primary motive is to build up the finest of solutions for you to personalize to meet your requirements and global platform for buying, selling and organizing monetary indicators.